New Gaming Want: Global Agenda

Factoid about me: PlanetSide ranks in the top 5 for my all-time favorite gaming experiences. A persistent MMO world that was essentially a massive FPS match, there was nothing like it. You’d be part of an army of literally hundreds, all working together to attack an outpost tower, a large base, a continent. Grounds troops rushing in, with actual artillery, tanks, and air support, and all human players. Mind-blowingly awesome.

Recently, a gaming buddy of mine from my PlanetSide days pointed me to an upcoming title called Global Agenda. On the surface it looks like a very similar attempt to blend an MMO environment with FPS gameplay and RPG “stat” elements. In my opinion PlanetSide was a game ahead of its time, as massive worlds (WoW), deep tactics (WoW, WAR), and strong community elements (WoW, Steam, CoD, XBL, etc etc) have only really taken hold in the past 5 years or so. A game setting out to do something similar today could be positively outstanding.

Needless to say, I am registered for the Beta, waiting with bated breath. I recommend you do the same.