StartupNation contest popular result

Voting ended a few days ago for StartupNation’s 2009 Elevator Pitch Competition, and Fwd:Vault had a pretty good showing! Here’s a final tally on the top 10…

    * CineCore - 1573 * My Sales Finder - 1264 * WorkingMomLifeline - 1225 * - 1172 * TBD - Michael Shipe - 879 * Spider Climbing - 765 * iSyndica USA Incorporated - 638 * BidWilly - 628

    • Fwd:Vault - 525**
    • EasyEvaluations - 505

That’s out of about 110 entries, so I’m very happy with Fwd:Vault’s showing! The outcome is a result of efforts made mostly by friends, family, and colleagues. So to everyone who voted for me: you have my sincerest thanks. Now the professional voting begins: 6 expert investors representing over $1 billion in early stage investing. Not sure how I’ll do there, but honestly I don’t care. If this contest taught me anything, it’s the power of personal networks. My final standing is a result of simply reaching out. I used my email contact list, this blog, Facebook friends, and LinkedIn contacts to let people know I was entered, and asked them to vote. 27 years of friends, family, and professional contacts combined with the internet can go a very long way. Make sure you focus enough attention on building your own personal networks. In today’s world they are invaluable for gaining help, support, and advice.